Emulsify: Black & White Film Camera for iPhone

Today I am releasing my black and white iPhone camera app, Emulsify. If you like taking pictures with your phone, but you miss black and white film, check it out!

I learned photography on a Pentax K1000 with a 50mm lens and Tri-X film I developed and printed myself. To this day, I still sometimes shoot film (often on a 4x5 Crown Graphic). There’s something truly special about black and white photography on film. There are a lot of great camera apps for iPhone, but I’ve never found one that I felt gave me a film-like black and white look while combining the simplicity of an old SLR with the conveniences of an iPhone. I really tried to make something that reminded me of using that K1000 without resorting to a cheesy retro UI or contrived steps like “developing” a digital photo.

As side projects tend to do, this one has been hanging around for a while. In fact, it has been simmering so long that originally I was going to call it “Halide,” but then Ben Sandofsky and Sebastiaan de With beat me to the name with their incredible app Halide. Big thanks to my friends who helped me come up with a new name, and especially to the wonderful person who suggested “Emulsify,” which I hope evokes good memories of film and darkrooms. Thanks also to everyone who helped me out with beta testing. You all have absolutely made the app better!

This is still a side project, but it’s not the end of the road. I have a lot of improvements and additions I plan to make. If you play with it, I would love your feedback and ideas!

And if you’re getting a new iPhone this week, Emulsify is a great app to download and use with the amazing cameras!

Sean Harding @sharding